Duckworth vs hewescraft

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duckworth vs hewescraft

Fishing Magazine. By ddubs3November 1, in This Old Boat. So I just totaled the Tracker Targa 18WT that we had for the past four years and it is time for a new boat. I don't want another Tracker because I feel the platform in back really cuts down on soja meri gudiya room and makes it hard for older guys to work the rods and fight fish.

We also had a terrible experience with the marina we bought the boat from and had nothing but problems with the trailer Right now we are considering three different manufacturers and are looking for input and experiences.

Will probably bought something in the ' range. We will need cover from the elements and I don't want an inboard. My wife and I almost exclusively troll for walleye, salmon, and trout on Erie and Ontario.

I've always considered these the "Cadillacs" of aluminum fishing boats. They seem to have a lot of available features, but are pricey. I've seen quite a few while trolling.So, Hewescraft maximizes the usable space on every model so you always have all the room you need.

Smaller boats usually mean small cabins and cramped driving. Not so with a Hewescraft. Newly redesigned consoles and seating positions make driving a Hewescraft a joy. Spacious cabins and multiple seating options allow you to choose seats that spread out into a bed for comfortable overnighting on the water. Every Hewescraft hull is made from quality and aluminum alloys—materials with ten times the shear strength of fiberglass. Welded aluminum Hewescraft boats are typically one-third lighter than comparably sized fiberglass boats.

All-welded means no rivets to loosen or leak over time. Every Hewescraft has a lifetime hull and weld warranty to the original owner. Hewescraft boats are designed for the rock and gravel of Pacific Northwest shorelines.

Park your Hewescraft on the beach without worrying about cracking your hull. Every Hewescraft hull is backed by a lifetime warranty to the original owner.

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We back it so you know you can depend on it. Hewescraft boats are wired to meet or exceed strict ABYC standards leading to improved performance and excellent corrosion protection. Some models feature self-draining welded aluminum decks. Others feature treated plywood with vinyl coating.

All floors are lifetime warrantied. Not just any marine shop can be a Hewescraft dealer. Depend on your Hewescraft dealer to help keep your boat ready for whenever the bite is on.

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We help you keep the kids and grandkids safe with deep fishing areas and high sides. Boot friendly toe kicks also keep you in the boat while leaning out to net your catch. Our extended transom models keep the engine out away from the work and fishing area and keeps water out with a full-height transom gunwale.

A boat designed to take rough water can never have too many places to hold on. Hewescraft boats feature abundant overhead grab handles, bow rails, roof rails, stern rails, and more. Hewescraft maximizes the usable space on every model so you always have all the room you need. Hewescraft boats are renowned for their toughness. Your Hewescraft is ready to hit the water when you are.

Some photos show models with dealer added options. Specifications are subject to change without notice as we seek to constantly improve our products. You can count on these versatile aluminum boats for generations of enjoyment. Open Fisherman. Pro V. River Runner. When you journey out into saltwater — salmon fishing, halibut fishing, or bottom fishing — these welded aluminum boats tested in the waters of Alaska give you the confidence to concentrate on your fun and not worry about your boat.

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duckworth vs hewescraft

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Been goofin' off looking at boats in the ' range, cuddy with twins. Tags: None. Rob B. Welcome to the club of break out another thousand. They are all great boats, just the finish work gets better with each boat. And the price goes up too. A good used Wooldridge Supersport Pilothouse would be the best option, but they are very hard to come by. Another very nice looking boat for the money is the new Riverhawk. Dewey's has one in the lot and it's played out really nice.

Might be worth checking out.

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Either way, most of the bigger boats all have close to the same dead rise and ride really well in the big water. Some better than others but close to the same. Weight, ride, length, creature comforts are all directly related to price. The heavier the boat "North River" the better the ride in some respects. But it gets more expensive on your trips. It's a balancing game i guess. Hewescraft is a great boat. Laid out nice but the finish work just isn't there compared to others.

Weldcraft is close to the same boat, but has abetter finish. Both North River are great boats. Nice heavy very seaworthy boats that will last you for years.

Hey any boat will last you years, but once you start looking and climbing anthem you will see the quality differences.The contents of the Alaska Outdoors Supersite forums are viewable by anyone, and may be read by clicking the forum headings below.

Breaking in our new boat: 2019 Duckworth 28 Offshore in San Francisco, CA

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Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Hewes craft quality? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. Big Jim House. Merry Christmas to all! Tags: None. Comment Post Cancel. I think Patrick made a fair and unbiased assent of where the Hewes fits into things. The other thing about the Hewes is that there are so many of them, and so many people familiar with them that they sell quickly when priced right.Forums New posts Classifieds Gallery Search forums.

Local Knowledge. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Duckworth vs Weldcraft. Thread starter bitentime Start date Feb 24, Hello everyone.

First post as I am a newbie to the PNW. I have been looking at new boats and since we just moved here from the Midwest I have a lot to learn. By doing some research and attending the boat show I have narrowed my search to a 26ft offshore Weldcraft or Duckworth. I plan on equipping the boat with twin or 's full cutty with stand up head and galley Wife package. I have test drove a Weldcraft and was impressed with the ride. Here is my question. What is the differance between these two boats?

All I can really tell is 3 windshield vs 2. I am open to any suggestions as to extra options to consider, etc.

duckworth vs hewescraft

This will be my first saltwater boat.Privacy Terms. Skip to content. Search Advanced search. Quick links. Sponsored by Life Proof Boats. You gotta figure out what you wanna use it for, length of boat, type of boat open tiller vs windshield and how much you can afford Their are other options just then those you mentioned -Hewescraft -Alumaweld -North River -Weldcraft -Boulton -Raider -Duckworth -Custom Weld You just have to figure out what model of a boat you want and how much you want to spend.

All of these boat manufacturers have a lot to offer in terms of lineup and even customization, and their are good deals out there. Extended transom is awesome, it gives you a lot more room in your boat. Seattle Boat Show would be an awesome place to go look at some boats. It's going on now until the 1st of February.

Their will be a lot of models and manufacturers there, so go take a look and compare em all. Also, they'll advertise a lot of the boats at shows like this with smaller motors so the cost on the sticker is low, but often times these motors make the boat pretty gutless when you get a full load of people and gear out on the water For example they'll put a on a North River Seahawk to make the cost look a lot better to potential boat buyers.

But you would be much better off going with a hp motor Nothings worse then an underpowered boat Out of all the lists maybe 1 but not for me:cheers: One mans dream boat:cyclops: is anothers bottom feeder:colors: but today is the time to spank a sweet deal:cheers: PM me anytime if you want big blue, riversbigger lakes I have a list of studs who work to the limits of the Industry which is changing very fast and its deals on wheels and many going south soon!

Buyer beware but a guy with vision could steal tubs as we speak until the Industry heals or falls. LOL Lean on Hp and style:colors:.

Last edited by Anonymous on Mon Jan 26, am, edited 1 time in total. Like said here before "max the horse power" for what ever boat you do finally get it will pay you in the longh run.

My Thunderjet has a v8 with a pump and loaded with 4 guys and gear it is definitley slower,less responsive and takes that little longer to plain.

Alumaweld always seemed to shove a 90hp motor on their lowest priced models. When i was looking to buy a few years back. Personally i really like Northriver center console 21'. I wish my TJ was 21' not 19'.Duckworth Welded Aluminum Boats I spent over five years riding in various boats and found the Duckworth to be the best by far. Duckworth Welded Aluminum Boats I now have my boat and it is awesome Duckworth Welded Aluminum Boats Rock solid. Craftsmanship is outstanding. Duckworth Welded Aluminum Boats The quality and ride of the boat are above average.

I love the lines of the Offshore models! Duckworth Welded Aluminum Boats I like the stability and features of the boat. It's so easy to fit 4 adults in the cockpit without anyone tripping over each other or gear. It has a top speed of 44 mph and a comfortable cruising speed of 32 mph. It also has twin Yamaha 's, making it very fuel-efficient. I can go for days without filling up the gallon fuel tank! The ride is fabulous at full throttle.

When you have to trim the bow down and hammer the offshore swells, its very comfortable and surprisingly quiet! Duckworth Welded Aluminum Boats Fun to drive and a blast to fish out of. Roomy and comfortable. Just a nice boat in all aspects. Duckworth Welded Aluminum Boats Purchasing this boat was the best decision I have made to boost the fun factor in my life. Duckworth Welded Aluminum Boats I have spent the last 10 years saving and searching for a boat and the more I looked, the clearer my answer became.

Duckworth Welded Aluminum Boats Similar to most Duckworth owners; I find my boat to be smooth and stable, even in rough water. The offshore engine bracket and fishing transom with live well is very nice. With a Yamaha, this boat is economical and cruises effortlessly. No matter what the conditions, we are always satisfied! What a joy to own and use. The only complaint we could have is that there are not enough hours in the day that we can spend on our boat. Duckworth Welded Aluminum Boats The fact that every other boat owner at the marina wants a Duckworth says it all!

Duckworth Welded Aluminum Boats We love the craftsmanship of our boat, the smooth ride in rough water on those days that turn ugly, and most of all, the security we get from a well built boat.

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