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Mention K-pop and behemoth bands come to mind. Korean star makers seem to believe it's strength in numbers. But this rare solo act defied the odds. Meet IUthe K-pop darling blessed with an angelic voice, along with a gift of penning chart-topping tunes relatable to listeners of all ages. As one of South Korea's most popular singers, she's often seen on TV as well.

She's in commercials selling everything from soju to smart phones. She's the leading lady of K-Dramas, most recently winning an award for her stirring performance as a weary working adult in My Mister.

The aspiring singer realised her dream at age Stealing the hearts of South Koreans who affectionately called her "the nation's little sister". A decade on, IU has sealed her position as one of the top K-pop acts of our generation.

Lee Ji Eun is the singer's birth name and is pretty common in South Korea. In a competitive industry, a memorable stage name can help you stand out. IU is a combination of "I" and "You". It embodies the singer's hopes that "you" the listener will become one with her through music. That's not all. IU's Instagram handle is "dlwlrma". It's not an anagram, nor a nonsensical string of alphabets. It's a clever code for her name.

Each of the alphabets corresponds with the keys on the keyboard when you type the Korean characters of Lee Ji Eun. IU showcased her soaring vocal register in the rousing ballad, her emotive singing expressing the bittersweet feelings of an unconfessed love. If popularity was a crime, IU would be an assassin. The cherubic singer has a record of scoring perfect "all-kill", a term in K-pop used to describe a song or album topping the major music charts simultaneously.

Research company Gallup Korea surveyed 4, men and women in Korea aged 13 to 59 to find out their favourite singers and songs in Girl group Twice came in second, followed by trot singer Jang Yun Jeong. That was the one condition IU laid out when signing a new contract with Kakao M the former LOEN Entertainmentthe company which groomed her to become today's shining star. For the sake of her staff's welfare, IU forfeited the handsome down payment for her new contract.

Where can we sign up to work for IU?

IU - Flower Bookmark 2 (2017) Hi-Res

I'm going to find the person who rejected IU from our audition and penalise him. He's joking. In fact, IU performed at 20 auditions and failed every single one. A bespectacled, pigtailed IU turned into a giggly mess on national TV. A fellow celebrity dialed Taeyang on a variety show inpassing the phone to IU to speak to her idol. Moments later, Taeyang appeared in front of her eyes. Wishes do come true. Within the same year, Taeyang invited IU to sing a duet at his concert.

InTaeyang gave IU an impromptu hug on a televised music show. Imagine IU's delirious delight. Sparks flew when the couple met each other for the first time in — Jang Ki Ha was hosting a radio show.

And IU was his guest. IU later confessed: "We met on a radio show and I fell in love with him at first sight.Or browse results titled :. EPCity lights. Streaming and Download help. Report this album or account.

flac iu

This entire album is stunningly magical. A powerful start for Mikazuki Bigwave going into F r e s h in every sense of the word like diving into an blue, open ocean. So glad to have taken the plunge : Keep up the amazing work and know that your music is some of the very best!

Debris by Keeley Forsyth. Keeley Forsyth, on The Leaf Label, writes spectral, pulsing songs that swaddle her mournful alto in mist-like synths. Lave by Lonelyspeck. Warm words over ticking beats from vocalist and producer Sione Teumohenga aka Lonelyspeck. The Sky is Calling by Kim Boekbinder.

Isolation inspiration special, featuring new acts bubbling up during the time of the virus. Explore music. Cremaster Jedi. Make Believe Melodies. Tim Lobster. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. Purchasable with gift card. Tags acoustic alternative bass dancemusic garage vocal Japan. Netlabel in Japan.

flac iu

If you like iu, you may also like:. HolyToast go to album. On Bandcamp Radio.A slow piano, and a layered chorus help give it a very lush feeling. The nice thing is that it's never over the top -- it works perfectly with IU 's voice, even when a violin comes in to keep us company. A reworked pre-release track, this song was written in a moment of self-doubt during a sleepless night, and she missed being able to rest her head in grandma's lap and enjoy some worry-free rest.

There's a wonderful, epic surprise waiting for us when it hits the chorus: one of the best transitions to a time change I've heard. It's a song about seeing things the right way. One of the thing I like about IU is each album has some musical genre that she sticks to throughout.

There's no odd-man-out dance track in the middle of a bunch of retro-style ballads, and this holds true here. It's an extremely balanced album, in fact. There are sassy, body-moving tracks, and then slower, emotionally-moving ones as well. The jazz style is a departure from her last album, and she more than does it justice. She's got a great, breathy vocal style; it's very soothing and so when there's a bit of sarcasm or sass in a song it's a little surprising but not jarring.

Apparently, she had a lot to say, and writing these lyrics were intensely personal -- and sometimes painful -- for her. I hope she exorcised her demons as much as we enjoy hearing her do so. People that all of a sudden become objects, fantastic animations, windows that lead into cupboards, and entirely strange rooms and locales. What does it all mean? Well, I'm sure there's a clue in the Lewis Carroll book that inspired the song, but that may be one more thing that IU wanted left open.

The dancing in here is pretty well done. We get to see just enough of it, and she and her dancers kill it. It's full of gestures, footwork, and using the parts of the body to great effect.

The wardrobe in here is standard. The clothing is fairly appropriate throughout. It's a halfway daring costume she's got on during the dance sequences, but no more revealing than we've seen before.

Overall, the MV is really fun to watch. You never quite know what's going to happen next, and that goes right along with the playful, devil-may-care delivery. The animations are funny and delightful, and sometimes downright menacing. I think it is a great companion to ' Alice Through the Looking Glass ,' and equally as strange. Log in to comment. Night Mode. New Shoes 2. Twenty-three 4. The Shower 5.

Red Queen 6. Knee 7. It's got a bouncy trot-like rhythm during the main verses, and the chorus has a nice, breathy end to it. The song's about more than just a new pair of shoes. She references red shoes of coursebut also Dorothy. It's about the exuberance, that spring in your step that carries you home. I love the way this song is put together, each part is definitely its own, but it flows together so well. The inspiration for the song is the book ' My Sweet Orange Tree ', about a boy who's gentle one moment, and the next moment he's malicious.

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Only down side was detection range, fear of fire and lack of plane capacity. Yes, you can actually spec her into secondary.

And hopefully an Italian premium preparing for the Regia Marina next year. AA power creep, shitty credit and experience. Though Pola or Roma would be good too. We are getting good Zeppelin but I think it would be a while until Aquila thought I think a premium DD, CA or BB are much more likely. I don't even play carriers but I'd buy Aquila because she's in my opinion one of the best looking carriers.

And since we've both got the same flair now, it's even more confusing. I hope you've learned your lesson Syanda. Go reflect on your actions for trying to impersonate others.

Note the unusual gun-forward layout, designed to allow unobstructed flight operations aft. Tone and Chikuma served as scouts for the Japanese carriers and launched floatplanes to scout Pearl Harbor just before the attack. To honor this unusual design, Wargaming is experimenting with a hybrid cruiser-carrier, which has been in the game files for months.

According to Q the main difficulty now is the "insane" UI. It seems likely Tone herself is on hold until the CV UI rework which was scheduled for this year.

flac iu

Which I suppose would fit the ship in as a Scout roll, which would remove some pressure from DDs and the CV for spotting. I suspect they'll be fighters of some sort that can double as scouts, though bombers with rather small bombs isn't out of the question. It flies there, scouts, and reports back, likely with limited range. Mogami and Hyuga are better hybrids.

flac iu

She was just a scout heavy cruiser. Cant they give her ability to launch 3 planes at once (say a scouter, fighter and one of your choice) and call it a day.Sportsnet 960 - From Our Partners Send me alerts, event notifications and special deals or information from our carefully screened partners that may be of interest to me. Sportsnet 650 - Weekly Newsletter Weekly updates on contests, events, and information Sportsnet 650 - Promotions Send me promotions, surveys and info from SPORTSNET 650 and other Rogers brands.

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IU – CHAT-SHIRE [MQS FLAC 24bit/48khz]

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Roddy Ricch - The Box [Official Audio]

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They were all of good standard, clean and comfortable. Bjarni was an excellent agent. As I don't live in Europe I had several concerns, which he answered by return e-mail (in so far as there was a 7 hour time difference between us) and in detail so that I did not have to write more than once to receive all the answers I required.

He was exceptionally helpful and I would like to commend his attitude and attention to detail. When he realised that I was due to cruise on the oldest ship in the fleet he asked me if he should rearrange the itinerary in order to sail on a more modern ship, to which I agreed. This shows initiative and a dedication to his job. The tour was wonderful (it was the second booked through Nordic visitor, my first was to Iceland) and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

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