Gmk 9009 desk mat

This keyset is inspired by the extra groovy tunes of the future funk genre! Do you like the futuristic city lights with a lit up city atmosphere? Future Funk is perfect for you. This set has a perfect fit of purple with unique modifiers of neon lights. You will be able to fit nearly every keyboard you can find, a Hiragana kit is available.

The Space Kit has multiple color spacebars so you can personalize your set as you wish. This group buy runs until the 1st of March. When purchasing GMK Future Funk, you are entered into the Group-Buy and are going to have to wait until the manufacturing of the keycaps complete.

:3ildcat's Custom Design Deskmats (not for sale)

You are required to pay upfront so that you are committed to the group-buy. There are no price-drops at quantities. All keycaps are manufactured from thick, high quality ABS Plastic and are made sure to carry perfect smooth texture and a lasting design. The desk mat is washable and has stitched edges. The colors are matched to the keycaps so that the match is perfect. There are two motives which you can select from.

The Deskmat is commissioned by TKC. These aluminum keycaps fit the profile of Cherry or OEM Profiles and will add a spark to any keyboard that you will equip it with. Above you can find the progress of all Kits, they are updated automatically with EU purchases, and World-Wide Purchases are updated every day on top.

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We can help you decide your perfect keyboard or pick the right components. Just give us a shout and we will be right with you! We use cookies for a number of reasons, such as keeping our store reliable and secure, your account functions and to analyse how our Sites are used. Mechanical Keyboards. Brands Leopold Varmilo Vortex Keeb. Feedback Linear Tactile Clicky. Merchandise All Merchandise. Register or Login. Get Funky in the Future with Kema! A Desk Mat! Shop Variants. Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact us Need help? E-mail: support candykeys.Manufactured in Germany with original Cherry tooling and using a colourway from a classic trading keyboard, this set became an instant classic. The set broke absolute records selling over kits total! For this project we decided to work together with some incredible vendors from the United States, Belgium, Korea, China and Singapore. This helped a lot of people save a lot of money on shipping and definitely contributed to the sets success.

The Base Kit was designed to offer as much compatibility as possible while still balancing the price. The kit supports layouts from a standard key, to an exotic and anything in between. Note the front printed legends for the numpad to add to the retro feeling, the 1. Included are not only the widely used 6. This really is the Cherry on top of While also adding support for split spacebars and allowing for the shine-haters amongst you to swap out your spacebars once they start to shine, the spacebar kit is mainly designed to add some extra vibrancy to your beloved board.

Includes support for 2. Do you want to crank up the vintage level of you board even further with some windowed caps?


Or do you want to add a more modern splash with the Windows 10 icon keys? Than this add-on kit is for you! It includes the aforementioned Windows 10 icon modifiers and additional windowed keys allowing for LED shine through but also alternative caps lock keys. Nothing is more retro than this! Receiving both a lot of feedback and support this was the building block for the success this set was. After listening to feedback and changing the kit design up a bit the GB is launched across 5 different vendors.

Because of the huge demand the buy period is further expanded for a couple days. The buy is closed and the internal progress for transferring funds between the 5 vendors is started. Slowly but surely the EU orders are starting to get fulfilled, before the given deadline! After making their trip across the see, the US sets arrive at the vendor. All sets have been fulfilled! There were a couple issues on the road, but gladly none were on our side and all of them were resolved by GMK quickly!

GMK Manufactured in Germany with original Cherry tooling and using a colourway from a classic trading keyboard, this set became an instant classic. Kit design. Base kit kits sold. View fullsize. Spacebar kit kits sold.

gmk 9009 desk mat

Add-on kit kits sold.Mech Keys Interest Checks. GMK Serika. Sign Up Log In. Sort by: Newest. May 17, This is unbelievably ugly. Well let me know!! May 26, I have to agree. May 12, Is there a pos to get a Nordic variant? And without japanese character? There are no plans to add a Nordic kit. May 3, And again, a nice set destroyed with japanese legends. Apr 29, Sneak peak of Serika's desk mat. May 2, This is turning out to be a nice rounded package May 31, When will this be available?

Apr 27, This is one of the most beautiful sets I have ever seen. Apr 26, I was really excited for this kit but I'm out unless the latin alphas are brought back.

gmk 9009 desk mat

Very disappointing. For some people, this is a deal breaker, and for some others a the set is now a must have. So there has always been a thematic pretext to have those Hiragana legends added to the set since the very first moment I publicaly released the set. In fact, some of my early sketches for this set back in when the set was unnamed, had either Hiragana or Hangul sublegends. For every single set, and specially for the GMK ones, the base kit is the core of the set, and everyone should get it.

All base kits should be as affordable as possible, which can be achieved by having the right amount of keycaps and also reaching higher order quantities. By adding those two kits I was achieving the exact opposite of what I wanted, splitting the orders between 2 options in detriment of the core kit.

There are no plans of adding latin only alphas to the set because then we would go back to the previous situation, which I'm really not comfortable with. I will definitely buy this once it goes live! I voted already, can I vote twice?

Apr 25, Wish there was a way to get the gorgeous yellow modifiers without having to also pony up for the garish alphas. I'm interested in a spare set of hiragana alphas. Hit me up on reddit when this drops and maybe we can work something out.Currency U. Dollar USD. View Cart Contact Us. Keyboards by Brand Ducky Keyboards One 2 Mini One 2 SF Mecha Mini One Shine One RGB One Rainbow Year of the Monkey Year of the Rooster Year of the Dog Year of the Pig Varmilo Keyboards Cherry Keyboards Leopold Keyboards FCM OE FCR OE Vortex Keyboards Race POK3R V Kaihua Keyboards MK Keyboards MK Typist MK Disco MK Fission MK Shadow Guard Obins Keyboards Anne Pro HHKB Keyboards Hybrid Type-S Glorious PC KeyboardsHyperFuse in one of the latest profiles by the Keyreative team.

HyperFuse Origin uses neutral base tones and bright tonal legends. The legends uses a process called Dye Sublimation and Air Dyesub. PBT provides a great solution to keycaps as they are more resistant to shine some prefer the shine whereas ABS is more prone to shine.

PBT allows for dye-sublimation process which a long term solution for your legends. A classic style with dark and medium grey looking colors. These keycaps were available on an old Cherry G keyboard, and they are one of the many reasons why these boards have became so sought after. GMK is known for using high quality materials to ensure longevity in its products. Note: This item is final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged once orders are submitted to the factory. Terms: This item is final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged once orders are submitted to the factory if purchased during group buy period.

Refunds can be only be processed if you made a purchase during "pre-order" phase after orders have been submitted. We are not responsible for any damages during the delivery. Please use at your own risk. We will not be responsible for the damages caused by this.

Pre-orders are still available. We are honored to bring back the HyperFuse in its original color format. It will not have icon only mods. This also applies to the Skele accent kit. Renders will be updated accordingly when we receive it from GMK. The number of keys included remain the same. Using inspiration from " Masters of the Universe"the colors were designed after the character Skeletor. Note for group buyers: This item is final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged once orders are submitted to the factory.

Set will go into production as soon as colors are approved. Premium Mechanical Keyboard brand Originative and artist keyset designer T0mb3ry continue their partnership with another collaboration with the help of BunnyLake, Danielucf, and Baatman.

After going through two different manufacturers, we are finally pushing this through our favorite. Toxic will be manufactured in Germany through GMK with their unmatched production.

GMK is known for their of high quality materials to ensure longevity in its products.

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The neon green and darkened color is created with original Cherry's double-shot molding equipment in Cherry Profile. Note for buyers purchasing during the group buy period: You are making a commitment to this item.

This item is final sale and cannot be refunded, returned or exchanged once orders are submitted to the factory. Refunds can be only be processed if you made a purchase during "pre-order" phase after the group buy period. Micro Switch, a division of Honeywell, has some of the most iconic keyboards of all time. Not only is the set gorgeous, the Hall Effect switches are often regarded as some of the finest switches ever manufactured. The colors of the Honeywell Terminal Keyboard are so simple and classic that they deserve to join the ranks of classic sets.

We are very excited to announce that we have translated the colorway into a GMK keycap set. A spicy yet refreshing take on a black base keycap set. Wasabi uses elements of and Originative to create a subtle ambiance. Sour, the creator of Wasabi, decided to use Japanese sub-legends to go with the set. Sour decided to strip the set with as many keys as possible to offer the set at a lower introductory price.Your cart.

Close Cart. Infinikey Port Keycaps. A keycap set inspired by the port wine jelly slice, a well-loved Australian dessert. Designed by Ashkeebs.

Port Deskmat. Deskmats to match your Infinikey Port keyset. Designed by OneCreativeMind. Current purchase numbers.

Rain Series Deskmat. Group Buy opens August 5th at 9pm ET. Moody Moon Series Deskmat. Infinikey Boom Keycaps. Inspired by one of the most iconic devices in music production and beat making: the Roland TR Rhythm Composer, commonly known as the Samoyed Series Deskmat.

A comfy keyset featuring soft and muted colors, inspired by the work of Daisuke Richard. Bamboo Keyboard Kit. Bamboo is a mechanical keyboard like you have never seen before. It's designed to be easily used on the go, with an interchangeable plastic shell, small layout, and slim 1. The custom designed and printed caps make learning the layout a breeze too, showing all legends from both layers.Make Offer - Dell Precision M GMK Round 3 keycaps. All photos were taken with natural light and no image post-processing was applied.

All keyboards have letters. Skip to content. Bushido Deskmat. US — TheKey. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Most have numbers and arrows. Sour, the creator of Wasabi, decided to use Japanese sub-legends to go with the set.

From Ireland. Weight is in pounds. Here's what will be offered in the limited-time drop: Base Kit - The base kit provides proper coverage for a wide selection of form factors and layouts. Add To Cart. Featuring a non-slip bottom, fabric top, and stitched edges. I am thinking about painting my mouse the same colour way.

gmk 9009 desk mat

Keycaps and desk mat sold separately. Includes three piece desk, overhead hutch and two under desk drawer pieces. If you order individually, your pad may ship earlier. Shipping included. Sour decided to strip the set with as many keys as possible to offer the set at a lower introductory price.

EPBT came in the other week and keen to chuck it on somethingonlyfreegiveaways. This set is a high-contrast, lively colourway that is unique with its colour separation. GMK keycaps Additional Kit.

Go grab some Boba today. Asia — zFrontier.

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