Msi ge72 disassembly

Register Now! Login Register. Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. Read times. Hey, can anyone direct me to how I can get my laptop fixed? Apparently it's hinges broke first from the inside and now its breaking the plastic frame around the screen due to the hinge not supporting the screen. Here is the link. You could find a nearest service and mail or call them. Wondering if you got your laptop fixed? Did they fix the hinges and the trim?

I'm ex military too and having same issue with my laptop.

msi ge72 disassembly

Would appreciate if you got a chance, if you let me know how they worked for you. Thanks and thanks for your military service! Hello - thought I'd add my issue to the thread here.

I have a GEQF, and the left hinge has caused the plastic trim around the screen to come loose, then crack, similarly to what I think the rest of you are experiencing.

Have you had any success with repair? I can't find any info on the warranty page that covers the body of the notebook. Yes got mine repaired a month ago. Went to local MSI authorized repair shop, took 10 business days, would maybe have been less time to repair but I have the Dragon Edition so little more custom. No damn idea even newer laptops have this issue?

How to disassemble MSI GE72 model MS-1799

Come on MSI Totally unacceptable. Quote from: sportkung on December, Is it true that the only service location in the U. Can I ask any of you what MSI charged for the repair? I'm going to give the service a call now. If it falls under warranty its free.

Mine has a 3 year warranty with 1.I will take apart the laptop body and remove all internal components. STEP 3. Separate the bottom cover from the palmrest assembly. There are many hidden latches securing the bottom cover.

Remove the cover. The boot drive is the solid state drive. The SSD secured by one screw. There is a thermal pad between the SSD and the motherboard. It might be necessary to apply some reasonable force to separate the SSD from the motherboard.

STEP 8. Lift up the subwoofer and disconnect the speaker cable from the motherboard. Remove the subwoofer. STEP Remove two screws securing the right cooling fan. Remove two screws securing the left cooling fan. Disconnect the display cable from the motherboard. Unlock the connector and pull the cable out. Remove the display cable and Wi-Fi antenna cables from the guided path on the side of the fan.

Remove four screws securing the motherboard. Disconnect the following color-coded cables: — Touchpad cable orange. Lift up the motherboard and disconnect the DC power jack cable which is partially hidden under the heatsink. Separate the motherboard from the top case.Experience a whole new way to interact with your PC like never before.

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Aprovecha todo el potencial de rendimiento del SSD Gen 3. Limits GPU frequency to level 1. Heat is the most original element on earth. Cooling is therefore a knotty task to tackle with.

msi ge72 disassembly

One click on the fan boost button, multiple heat pipes and dual fans actively and effectively push heat out of the system, making the cooling design of this model the highest level of its kind. The Cooler Boost 3 dual cooling system is developed especially for the next generation extreme mobile processors. Besides making sure your system stays within thermal limits at all times during regular use, users can manually boost the cooling system by a simple key, located to the left side of the keyboard.

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I have upgraded my system to windows 10 64bit and from Windows 8. I have tried a number of things already and can't find more. The error i see when i go to properties in Device Manager: ''Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer.

Code 45 To fix this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer. You would think its broken But now comes the crazy part. If I turn the webcam off and on again with the shortcut keys the webcam is enabled for like 0,5 seconds. On websites the time is too short to pick up the signal.

But if I go in skype and reset it, the webcam button works for like 0,5s if I click it with the right timing it works and continues to work. When i was using Windows 8.

But now in Windows 10 it's almost impossible to use it. I've put it in startup and in the Dragon Gamingcenter in utility. Thank you for posting your concern in Microsoft Community and welcome to the Windows 10 Family. We appreciate the time and effort you have put n to resolve the issue. I would like to assist you with further information from here. Hope the above information was helpful. If you need further assistance, feel free to write to us and we would be happy to help you.

Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. Method 1 didn't recognize any problems and method 2 updating my Windows and drivers didn't change anything as well. When you use System Reset to restore the computer to a previous state, programs and updates that you installed are removed. Please let us know if the issue got resolved or you need any further assistance.

I have the same issue. April 14, Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely. Site Feedback. Tell us about your experience with our site.In our battery benchmark, the GE72 lasted 2 hours 40 minutes - about average for a gaming laptop under light use. The SSD boot drive could have been bigger; with Windows 10, a few games and our benchmarks installed, warnings about remaining space began to appear. The new inclusion is a USB 3.

There's Gigabit Ethernet to go with the There's a lot to like about the GE72 6QF. It's unsurprisingly powerful considering its high specification, there are plenty of connections and some of the gaming-centric extras will be useful. The only real negatives are its design, which is beginning to feel a little basic, and the frugal SSD storage.

It will be interesting to see what MSI's competitors can do with their Skylake refreshes but for now, the GE72 sets an impressive yard stick. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Our Rating. Price when reviewed. Page 2 of 2 Battery, Connections and Conclusion 1. Battery, Connections and Conclusion. Battery and storage In our battery benchmark, the GE72 lasted 2 hours 40 minutes - about average for a gaming laptop under light use. Core specs Processor Quad-core 2. Read more Reviews PC Performance.

“SHIFT” – Boost Performance under Controlled Noise & Temperature

PC Performance. Quad-core 2. Memory slots free. Max memory. Pointing device.

How to install SSD in MSI GE72 Apache Pro - Hard Drive replacement

Screen size. Screen resolution. Graphics adaptor.

msi ge72 disassembly

Graphics outputs. Graphics memory. Total storage. Optical drive type. USB ports. Gigabit Ethernet, Memory card reader. Other ports. Operating system. Windows 10 Home. Operating system restore option.

Restore partition. Parts and labour warranty. Price inc VAT.The article listed the basic precautions necessary tools to disassemble the laptop, as well as recommendations for disassembly and cleaning.

If your laptop is overheating during operation and sharply turning off, this most likely is overheating of the cooling system. The reason for this is the accumulation of dust on the radiator.

If not clean the cooling system in a timely manner, it may cause damage to the laptop.

How to disassemble MSI GE72 laptop

You can eliminate this problem by repeating the procedures shown in the video below. All necessary steps presented here in this video guide. From this video you will learn how to replace the RAM or upgrade to make more memory. Replace the broken HDD to the new one. From this video you will learn how to replace the battery in your laptop. This information is provided for informational purposes only. We accept no liability for damage caused to your device while following the video instructions.

Also note that if your laptop or any other device is still under warranty period, then in the process of dismantling the guarantee may be canceled because traces remain after disassembly and it violates the terms of the warranty period.

Before disassembling, make sure that the warranty on your laptop has been over. Skip to content. Disclaimer: This information is provided for informational purposes only.The second profile type is Office Work and Web Design. Business tasks are various, most often related to a set of office-targeted applications.

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