Saw tooth disk impeller

Norstone offers a wide variety of industrial dispersing blades in stainless steel, hard-coated various polymers, and other alloys. Dispersion blades feature alternating outer teeth with angled leading and trailing edge profile for high shear action. Their teeth sharpen with use, and the number of teeth will increase with the blade size.

Dispersion blades convert input energy primarily to shear and in turn produce a different result than flow-driven agitation processes. When used at recommended tip speeds driven by sufficient horsepower, these commercial mixing blades quickly turn pigments into paints, break down solids into liquids, and more.

All styles are available, as well as technical assistance to make sure you are using the appropriate impeller for the process.

Popular blade for dispersion work. Primarily a high shear blade. There are newer technologies that provide more pumping with shear. Efficient design which has proven to be an excellent blade for shear. We recommend sizes of 1. High pumping action. This blade is for mixing on a high speed disperser with minimal shear and heat build-up. This blade is popular in the mixing and let down of coatings. The High Vane 2 and the 2G are different teeth configurations but the results are the same.

This blade offers a combination of high shear along with excellent batch movement and cutting of materials. It is excellent for high solids, higher viscosities, and adding pellets or fibers. This blade works well on materials difficult to de-agglomerate.

It also has better pumping action than the Type 1 or Type 6. This blade is designed for cutting or shredding flexible products such as rubber, wax and other soft materials that tend to gum up on standard impellers. Unique design features a knife or pick extending out from the blade, alternating with vertical teeth.

This is another popular high shear blade for high speed dispersion applications. The rectangular tooth pattern does not disperse any different from the Type 1 angled tooth style. However, the extra material on the tooth can make the tooth of this blade more resilient in certain applications. It is constructed from a wide variety of polymers depending upon the application:.

This unique design improves production time by efficiently pumping the material so that the slurry sees the shear zone of the blade more frequently than with any other style of blade. The batch will run cooler unless special heat enhancing scoops are requested. Light weight materials are more easily incorporated.

Heavy settling material is lifted off the bottom. This blade cannot be put on backwards.

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It will outlast metal and hard coatings times longer. Best of all this blade never gets sharp and so a hazard is removed from the plant or lab.The tip speed of the current mixer could be the primary source of stability problems. The current axial flow turbine probably is creating too much flow, which is causing the air entrainment problems.

A saw-tooth disk impeller will definitely reduce the liquid circulation and may reduce air entrainment, depending on the impeller size, fluid viscosity, and impeller coverage. Simply replacing the impeller may not do enough to create a stable emulsion, the rotational speed of the mixer may need to be increased. To form a stable emulsion, the tip speed may need to be 0. The final viscosity of the product and the melting or dissolution of the emulsifiers will all affect the emulsion stability, not just the mixer tip speed.

The answers by this expert are based on the best available interpretation of the information provided. The consequences of the application of this information are the responsibility of the user. If clarification is needed, please submit a further question. They will simply move the two phases around inside your vessel and not create an emulsion, stable or not.

A saw-tooth disk impeller can mix a high-viscosity emulsion, but will require high-speed and high-horsepower. A combination of a high-shear saw-tooth disk impeller and an anchor impeller may provide the combination you need, but you are back to about the same equipment and cost of a vacuum planetary mixer. If you don't have the budget for a homogenizer or rotor-stator mixer, you may not have the budget for a large saw-tooth disk impeller either.

About the only way to reduce equipment cost is to reduce the size of your tank, which will eventually cost more in the amount of time and number of batches you need to produce. Chemical Processing. Menu Newsletters Subscribe. Newsletters Subscribe. Follow us on:. I read Dave Dickey's response on "How do you create an emulsion? I calculated the tip speed of my impeller and found it is around 0. Would a saw-tooth disk improve significantly the stability of my emulsions? Also, if I want to obtain drop sizes of 1 micron, would I need a rotor-stator device?

Have an insight or suggestion? Login or register to post a comment. Dave Dickey Forum Moderator Posts. Re: How do I form a stable emulsion?

Jane Barber Community Member 2 Posts. Unfortunately I do not have the budget for a homogenizer or rotor stator mixer. Thanks so much Dave for your response. I'm presuming the boat propellor is similar to the bow tie so it's not suitable?? You mention using an anchor as well as a saw-tooth disk - would the anchor be used after the emulsion has formed? Thanks again for your kind help.I have confronted a technical problem in my formulating and experimenting process. I am at the moment ocused on emulsions only.

Thank you all! Thanks a lot. I look forward to exploring world of mixers!

saw tooth disk impeller

Discussions Activity Sign In. Jasmine15 Member. January edited July in Resources. Thanks a lot! January edited June Scroll down for DIY project. January edited January To create an emulsion you need high shear forces in the liquid, which are necessary to create small particles and therefore stable emulsions.

So greater mixing intensity, especially with respect to impeller tip speed, will create smaller dispersed phase droplets, which should help create a more stable emulsion. I would go for a saw-tooth disk impeller to emulsify because it can transfer the power to the liquid as shear force with little pumping.

The tip speed may need to be 0. At these tip velocities, strong shear gradients are formed in the fluid, resulting is drop break-up and dispersion. Nominal drop sizes from 20 to 80 microns are possible with these tip speeds, but the physical properties of the fluids have a strong effect on these results. High-shear mixers can be of several types eg saw-tooth disks, rotor-stator devices, colloid mills and high-pressure homogenizers. A combination of a high-shear saw-tooth disk impeller and an anchor impeller may provide the combination you need.

You can buy these attachments to add to your mixer or high speed drill from indco and IKA. Jane Barber www. Ruben Member.Packing Details : The machine will be covered with anti-abrasion film and then packed in plywood cases. Delivery Details : working days after receiption of down payment. RT-HF ribbon mixer. RT-LM basket mill. Owning 10 years experience in wet grinding field, Root is your best choice for disperser, lab use horizontal sand mill and inustrial horizontal sand mill.

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Address: No. View larger image. Single shaft tooth disc impeller high speed agitator for paint Hot sale products. Hot sale in. Contact Supplier. Product Details. Company Profile. Quick Details. Mixer Type: agitator, paddle, impeller. Chemicals Processing, dispersing, dissolving and mixing of pigment and other paste material, dispersing, dissolving and mixing of pigment and other paste material.

Milling, mixing, blending,dispersing, dissolving. Accroding to different type and model. Video technical support, Free spare parts, Field installation, commissioning and training, Field maintenance and repair service, Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

Single shaft tooth disc impeller high speed agitator for paint. Dissolver, pigment dissolver, industrial disperser. Paint, coating, printing ink, pesticide, pigment etc. Packaging Details The disperser shall be processed to be rustproof and moisture proof before delivery and put into wooden case. Time days 45 To be negotiated. Online Customization.

saw tooth disk impeller

Product Description.Company Name. Pump Setup Layout. Pipe Length C. Measurement 2. Select value millimetre mm centimetre cm metre m insches " feet '. Pipe Length D. Measurement 3. Pipe Bore DIA. Measurement 3 1. Measurement 1. Additional Equipment Pressure Drop. Measurement 1 1. Discharge Additional Equipment Pressure Drop. Measurement - Pressures 1. Suction Height A. Measurement 1 1 1 1.

Discharge Height A. Measurement 1 1 1 2. Atmospheric Pressure. Measurement - Pressures. Constricted Discharge. Select value Yes No. Slurry SG. Solid Size. Measurement 3 1 1. Nature of Solids. Select value Hard Soft. Flow Rate Range. Measurement 3 1 1 1. Select value Not Abrasive Moderate High. Viscosity CP.


Vapour Pressure. Measurement - Pressures 2. Select value Indoors Outdoors. Cycle Duty. Select value Continuous Intermittent. VSD Rewquired. Electrical Area. Would you like to receive our newsletter? Name: First Last.The F Style Sawtooth high shear disperser blade is most popular and versatile dispersion impellers. This is the number one choice for paint mixing blades. The uniform teeth help to accelerate pigment particles and breakup agglomerates.

This high shear mixing blade is complemented by turbulent flow through out the bulk of the batch. Standard blades are made from stainless steel. Other materials are available.

saw tooth disk impeller

Large range of blade sizes are available to meet your batch requirements. Split Blade. Referred to as the Hockmeyer Blade as it is the standard blade design used on Hockmeyer dispersers. This Sawtooth blade is typically operated at tip speed of - feet per minute. The impeller creates a laminar flow region around the blade. This high shear is complemented by turbulent flow through out the bulk of the batch.

Other designations for this blade include Type 6 and Design B. A popular production blade, this blade is also manufactured in a wide size range and is a very common lab mixer blade. Home Blades, Shafts, Media etc. Request Product Info. This product is no longer in stock with the selected values, please select smaller values.

Optional Mounting Hub. Optional Mounting Hub Hubs are only required when mounting to non-standard disperser or adding an additional blade mid shaft. Blade Mounting. Split Blade Required when blade is too large to fit through manway or opening in tank.

May be used to facilitate installation of mid shaft blade. Bore Minimum: 0 Maximum: 6 Unit: inch. Keyway Minimum: 0 Maximum: 1 Unit: inch. Pinholes Minimum: 0 Maximum: 8. Pin Diameter. Pin Diameter Minimum: 0 Maximum: 1 Unit: inch. Bolt Circle. Bolt Circle Minimum: 0 Maximum: 10 Unit: inch. Add to Quote. Description Product Details Referred to as the Hockmeyer Blade as it is the standard blade design used on Hockmeyer dispersers.

Reference BLF G Style Pumping Disperser Request Quote. Ring Blade Request Quote. Myers Engineering, Inc. Related articles on blog. Disperser Power Calculator. Read more.The highest efficiency turbulent flow impeller is ideal for blending, heat transfer, and solids suspension applications.

Developed to maximize strength at lower weights as compared to other axial flow impellers, allowing for longer shafts without internal support, smaller shaft diameters, and smaller seal sizes if applicable. The High efficency Wide 3 bladed Impeller features an advanced design engineered for deep tanks. It produces flow characteristics of much larger impellers, without the added weight, or the resulting loss in pumping efficiency. The highly efficient Impeller's reduced weight allows for the use of longer shaft extensions for deeper tanks, and resolves associated critical speed limitations.

It is reasonably cost effective impeller in both turbulent and laminar flow also for solid suspension. Good impeller for applications where the viscosity changes over a wide range causing the flow regime to vary between turbulent and laminar flow. This is a very cost effective impeller for operation very near the bottom of a tank for agitating the heel in solids suspension applications. It is also an effective impeller in laminar flow applications, especially when impeller Reynolds numbers drop below The Curved Blade impeller is a second generation gas and immiscible liquid dispersion impeller.

This impeller can handle about 2. Good cost effective impeller for low concentrations of immiscible liquid or gas. Two very strong trailing vortices are shed from each blade.

These areas of high shear are responsible for breaking the larger droplets to smaller droplets. A high efficiency, advanced side-entering hydrofoil impeller that produces maximum pumping action. It has more cavitation resistance than other designs through effective hydrodynamic design. A Marine propeller is a high-speed axial flow impeller generally used for liquids of low viscosity. It also used on side-entering mixers and is mounted with the impeller shaft inclined at an angle with respect to the vessel centerline, for improving process results.

The propeller is generally operated to produce down pumping action directed toward the bottom of the vessel, until deflected by the floor or the wall of the vessel. The shearing action of the propeller is significant at high speeds. This is generally recognized as the best high viscosity, laminar flow impeller.

It is the most efficient blender of all existing close clearance agitators. The double flight helical ribbon impeller is also good for heat transfer and blending of liquids and solids from the surface. Generally used for applications where viscosities are ordinarily greater than 30, cps. It is reasonably efficient high viscosity, laminar flow impeller. Blend times are about the same to somewhat longer than the double helical ribbon impeller.

The central screw can effectively pull down solids and liquids from the surface when the helical ribbon is pumping up. Heat transfer coefficients are only slightly less than the double helical ribbon impeller. The anchor impeller is the most economical laminar flow impeller for higher viscosity liquids between and cP.

saw tooth disk impeller

It is most effective in squatty batches where vertical pumping is not as important as in tall batches. Blend times are somewhat longer than helical ribbon type impellers. - Promix Mixing Equipment & Engg. Ltd.

It is the easiest high viscosity impeller onto which scrapers can be mounted for very difficult heat transfer applications. Saw tooth Cutter impeller are designed for shearing. Dispersion blade has a rugged design which has a balance of high shear dispersion and pumping action. Most popular type of blade used in wide ranges of applications including but not limited to paint dispersion, clay processing, paper coatings and ink manufacturing.

The Curved type impellers provide better radial flow with other radial flow impellers with similar power characteristics.

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