Sig sauer sp2022 review

That being said, manufacturers like SigCZWalther and Ruger make some fine lower end firearms aimed primarily at new owners, bargain hunters and collectors. Save it. Dude, really? Just shut the fuck up and take my money. And I already own a P, so get bent.

My first few rounds always go low and left. Still in the 9 ring, but always low and left. My last trip with the SP went like this:. I was the only shooter in the range, just the RSO and myself. Put a new target up, ran it out to 10 yards and fired 4 shots.

No manual safety, this has a decocker, which I prefer over a manual safety on a traditional hammer fired pistol. The size is very, very close to the P, but being polymer framed, is much, much lighter than the P Makes for comfortable concealed carry, even with a full magazine.

Awesome Sig sticker for your car, truck, minivan which I do not recommend unless you want everyone to know that you have guns, one of which can be in your car. Pew Pew Pew. You must be logged in to post a comment. Shit is as shit does. Yeah, but what about the gun, you long winded fuck? Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.Seriously though, why would you not want one with a name like Sig Sauer and a price like that.

At almost half an inch shorter in length compared to the big brother P, the SP is also a good concealed choice. Sig seemed to even go as far as taking styling cues from the P Of course, not everything can be copied.

While the P offers a hard coat, anodized alloy frames the SP comes with a polymer one. Now you see where that price break comes in. Also making it a whole heck of a lot lighter than that last-ditch boat anchor big brother. Another plus to the polymer is the improved grip which could be compared to 80 grit sandpaper. I do not suggest that however unless you plan to do some stipple work.

Moving up to the slide which is of course made of steel or it would be nothing more than a toy that would melt after one shot. The rails are also metal which Sig presses into the grip. Wonder why that slide stop is so long? This Sig has a like system holding it all together.

That pin holds the stop and keeps the barrel link and the slide together. Much like the you must line up the right hole to push out the slide stop pin when breaking down. Compared to the first generation the decocker is much quicker and shorter on the newest version. Right below that is a nice triangular magazine release instead of the standard circle. There is a Picatinny rail up front too of course. That leads us to the trigger… Not exactly the strong point.

Especially since it has more slack than a high school dropout. While not a major detractor it could use some improvement. It is lighter, looks just as good and still shoots great with all that trigger slack. Even compared to other polymer handguns. After two years of ownership, the only complaint I really have is that the aftermarket selection is lacking for something that seems so popular and as with all polymer-framed handguns it is a little top-heavy.

For the money, this Sig Sauer beats out the likes of Glock and is for sure one of the best handguns on the market. Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical. The slide Moving up to the slide which is of course made of steel or it would be nothing more than a toy that would melt after one shot.In order to get a similar trigger pull in a Glock or XD you must essentially bypass one of the central safety features of the striker-fired pistol design, which is the long, heavy double-action style trigger pull.

sig sauer sp2022 review

You also can easily tell when the SP is in single-action mode by looking at or feeling the hammer position, and it also is equipped with a decocker, thereby decreasing the risk of accidental discharge. I could not find any information on whether the SP is equipped with the SRT but it does have a very short and crisp reset. This pistol has fired around rounds of various types of ammo, including Winchester White Box, Tulammo steel cased and self-defense rounds for zero check and has had zero malfunctions.

It is a near perfect combination of affordability and quality, and would be an ideal pistol for a new shooter to learn on.

REVIEW: Sig Sauer SP2022

It is safe, simple to operate, affordable and is an accurate and dependable pistol that will present few roadblocks to learning good technique as many cheaper pistols do. Sig-Sauer look and feel, natural shooting dynamics. Available factory night sights and optional DAO firing mechanism. Smooth, crisp trigger break and short reset make firing quick strings a breeze.

Lower magazine capacity than many newer polymer pistols at 15 rounds for 9mm compared to for Glock, XDm, etc. Almost on par with my just more Rounds. Tagging along. Hum she must love me. I just purchased the Sig 9mm and between three different people it shoots about 8 inches low at 15 yards. I shot the Winchester grain fmj. Do you have any suggestions on the gun or bullets.

Plz text me back at I have two of these pistols…one fully black and the other a two-tone model…both in 9mm. Recently I decided to buy everyone in my family a pistol and get then into going to the local shooting range. For this, after careful consideration I decided on the SP in 9mm, and for some of the ladies. Everone is totaly taken by these pistols. Of more than a dozen SP 9mm we have experenced no problems!

I do suggest the Sig-Lite sights. I like that fact also. I got my 9 mm SP in August and have shot at least 50 rounds a week through it since then. My first semiauto pistol. The Sig fit my hand large grips and came right up to near perfect sight alignment immediately, unlike the Glocks and Ruger. I recently put a LaserLyte V3 mini laser, which helped dusktime accuracy. After nearly rounds, including several hundred cheap steel case and aluminum rounds, I have never had a misfeed or misfire.

Gun shoots better than I can. Before fine tuning the laser. I then shot plates while moving laterally, not stopping to sight but shooting on the move, I would shoot 6, reload, shoot 6 more rounds. Out of 24 shots doing this I missed 2.

Very impressed with a well made, finely tuned shooting machine. Its performance speaks for itself. They both get great reviews but which one is the most reliable?

Get some while you can!

Sig Sauer SP2022 Review

Coker Tactical is proud to be based in the Great State of Texas!So, the conundrum for them is SA is light, and DA is heavy. Then they can forgo a manual safety and not have to think about removing it when the pistol is drawn and aimed.

The idea of a DA makes them feel safer. This was meant to be sufficient enough to forego the need for an external safety.

The safety became your finger. The backstrap was not in the web between my thumb and index finger but laid on my thumb knuckle. This was the only position I could grasp the grip and reach the trigger with my trigger finger.

As such the recoil was felt in my thumb knuckle and after a few rounds, and it became uncomfortable. So, my challenge was to research gritrsports. I found a SIG that had both qualities. When I picked it up, it immediately fit my hand like a glove.

The SP has a width of 1. The DA requires 10 lbs. When I first dry-fired it, I was surprised that 2 lbs. The difference of. Other comparisons with the SP and SP are as follows:. The Double Action difference between the P and the SP is the key factor for recommending this pistol for women. Even though the magazine capacity is reduced by three to make it state compliant and to accommodate the shorter width, there are other features which also render this pistol more appropriate and enticing.

Note the extra weight, length, and height, which makes it more comfortable to shoot overall. More weight and length means less recoil, and more height means longer grip surface and better recoil control and follow through. Night Sights, a loaded Chamber Indicator and an Accessory Rail makes it easier to sight in low light. These features assure the shooter of the pistols loaded condition by feel and observation, and it provides the opportunity for the attachment of a flashlight.

After all, it is the friendly solution. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content blog.

Product Reviews.Sig Sauer SP handgun in 9mm with factory 15 round magazines and carry holster. Photo: Francis Borek. The SP on the other hand brings to the table the quality that we expect from Sig Sauer and at an affordable price. First came the SP chambered in the wonder calibers of the age:.

Then came the SP chambered in 9x19mm. Both handguns were looked down upon as budget pieces.

sig sauer sp2022 review

France, however, saw something in the design and adopted a modified variant dubbed the SP for service with the National Gendarmerie, the Customs Agency, and the National Police in The French expected the handgun to have a year service life at a minimum, hence the name SP My love for all firearms used by the French certainly helped influence my decision to buy this gun — they certainly run their firearms hard in hellholes all over the world.

Overused jokes to the contrary, I figure if the French give a seal of approval to a firearm, then it must certainly work well. However, there are plenty of other reasons to acquire a SP aside from the choices of our Gallic brethren. The P was supposed to be the big game changer in handguns and Sig pushed it hard. Many complained however about the heavy DAO trigger.

Even today Sig seems to have forgotten about it, with only a. The P has not been around long enough to establish a truly solid reputation, yet Sig is pushing it as hard, if not harder than the P The handgun has gained far more acceptance among shooters, and the US Army recently adopted the weapon.

Still, being relatively new in the world, it has yet to truly reveal itself — for example, the P is also a striker-fired handgun, and with that comes the spongy trigger that plagues all striker-fired handguns. The SP features keep pace in the modern world of handgunning. Models can ship with two 15 round magazines for free states and 10 rounds for communist republics states with magazine limits, while magazines holding 17 rounds of freedom are available from Mec-Gar.

A Picatinny rail under the barrel is also standard on all examples. The SP also ships with interchangeable backstraps. A textured slim backstrap with a lanyard ring and a much larger variant come standard. Though the larger backstrap fills out the hand a bit better than the slim backstrap, I found the larger made it tougher to hit the magazine release.

As such, I prefer the slim backstrap. The SA trigger has quite a bit of creep before breaking at around five pounds. However it is a service pistol, where a heavy-ish trigger is seen as an extra safety feature to help prevent accidental and negligent discharges. Much like the P, practice often in order to overcome the heavy trigger. Disassembly is straightforward and reminiscent of Browning-style handguns. It is however a bit different from more traditional Sig Sauer pistols.

Retract the slide slightly to the rear and press out the slide release. The slide comes off of the frame and the barrel and guide rod can be removed. The guide rod is made of polymer, but stainless replacements are available for extra durability.

Slide detail. Note Picatinney rail underneath and slide serrations. For those who would argue that if the US Army adopts a handgun, then it must be the finest in the world, let me remind you that the US Army also adopted the Beretta 92FS as standard issue.Fusce condimentum cursus mollis. Morbi sed erat mattis elit venenatis tincidunt. Vestibulum ornare viverra libero, quis efficitur massa interdum sollicitudin. In tempor velit non tempor fringilla.

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sig sauer sp2022 review

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Sig Sauer SP2022 Review

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