The transformers season 4 episode 3

Views Page Discussion View source History. Jump to: navigationsearch. Categories : The Transformers episodes Episode lists. More than Meets the Eye, Part 1. September 17 In search of energy, a group of Autobots leave Cybertron and are pursued by the Decepticons.

More than Meets the Eye, Part 2. The Decepticons continue raiding Earth 's energy sources, including Sherman Dam and the ruby crystal mines of Burma. More than Meets the Eye, Part 3. The Autobots attempt to lure the Decepticons into a trap with a massive holographic illusion, but the bad guys aren't duped.

Instead, having gathered the energy they need, the Decepticons prepare to return to Cybertron, and the Autobots have one chance to stop them. Transport to Oblivion. Bryce MalekDick Robbins. After months in hiding, the Decepticons return and have a new method for moving Energon cubes to Cybertron. The Decepticons seek a powerful antimatter formula, and the Autobots, with their new human ally Chip Chasetry to stop them. Divide and Conquer. Autobots must journey to Cybertron to retrieve a vital piece of technology to save the life of an ailing Optimus Prime.

Fire in the Sky. While siphoning the Earth of its energy, Megatron discovers a long-lost colleague of Starscream. The Autobots create the Dinobotsbut can barely control these new powerful warriors. Fire on the Mountain. War of the Dinobots.

Snarl and Swoop are added to the Dinobot roster The Ultimate Doom, Part 1. Megatron brings Cybertron into Earth's orbit to harvest the energy from the destruction caused by Cybertron's gravity.The Transformers is an American animated robot superhero television series which originally aired from September 17, to November 11, The first of many series in the Transformers franchise, it was based upon Hasbro 's Transformers toy line itself based upon the Diaclone and Microman toy lines originally created by Japanese toy manufacturer Takara [3] and depicts a war among giant robots that can transform into vehicles and other objects.

This series is also popularly known as "Generation 1", a term originally coined by fans in response to the re-branding of the franchise as Transformers: Generation 2 inwhich eventually made its way into official use. Joe action figure series. Inthe Microman spin-off, Diaclonewas released, featuring inch-tall humanoid figures able to sit in the drivers' seats of scale model vehicles, which could transform into humanoid robot bodies the drivers piloted.

Later still, ina Microman sub-line, MicroChange was introduced, featuring "actual size" items that transformed into robots, such as microcassettes, guns and toy cars. Enthusiastic about the product, it was decided to release toys from both Diaclone and MicroChange as one toyline for their markets, although there were eventual changes to the color schemes from the original toys to match the new series.

ByU. The way was cleared for the new product-based television program. Hasbro had previously worked with Marvel Comics to develop G. Joe: A Real American Hero for a three-pronged marketing scheme — the toyline, a tie-in comic book by Marvel, and an animated mini-series co-produced by Marvel's media arm, Marvel Productionsand the Griffin-Bacal Advertising Agency's Sunbow Productions production house. Given the success of that strategy, the process was repeated in when Hasbro marketing vice president Bob Prupis approached Marvel to develop their new robot series, which Jay Bacal dubbed "Transformers.

Marvel's Editor-in-Chief at the time, Jim Shooterproduced a rough story concept for the series, creating the idea of the two warring factions of alien robots — the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons. O'Neill declined to make said revisions, and the project was turned down by several writers and editors approached by Shooter until editor Bob Budiansky accepted the task.

Hastily performing the revisions over a weekend, Budiansky's new names and profiles were a hit with Hasbro, and production began on a bi-monthly four-issue comic book miniseries, and three-part television pilot. Both comic and cartoon would wind up continuing for years beyond these short-term beginnings, using Budiansky's original development work as a springboard to tell the story of the Transformers in very different ways from one another, forming two separate, unrelated continuities for the brand out of the gate.

His designs were subsequently simplified by Floro Derywho went on to become the lead designer for the series, creating many more concepts and designs in the future. The three-part pilot miniseries retroactively titled "More than Meets the Eye" first aired in the United States in September The story follows Optimus Prime 's heroic Autobots and Megatron 's evil Decepticons as they leave their metallic homeworld of Cybertron to search for new sources of energy to revitalize their war efforts, only to crash-land on Earthwhere they remain entombed and offline for four million years.

Episode List

Awakening in the year ofthe Decepticons set about pillaging the energy sources of Earth, while the Autobots—aided by human father and son Sparkplug and Spike Witwicky—attempt to protect the new world on which they find themselves. The miniseries concludes with the Decepticons believed dead after their space cruiser is sent plunging into the ocean depths, while the Autobots prepare to return to Cybertron.

The thirteen-episode first season, commissioned and produced before the pilot miniseries aired, was broadcast between October and December on Saturday mornings.

Story-edited at Marvel Productions by Bryce Malek and Dick Robbins, the season begins with the revelation that the Decepticons have survived the events of the pilot and follows them as they set about constructing a "space bridge" to teleport resources back to Cybertron.The following is a list of episodes from the series Transformers: Cyberverse. Part 1 - With the Ark fast approaching Cybertron, Chromia and Perceptor must escape their captors to warn the Autobots of Megatron's trap.

Part 2 - The full forces of the Autobots and the Decepticons engage in a battle for control of Cybertron. Part 3 - Team Hot Rod attempts to reach the Well of the Allspark, unaware of a traitor in their midst. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article. The Futon Critic.

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Retrieved August 28, Showbuzz Daily. Retrieved October 15, Retrieved October 21, Retrieved November 5, Retrieved August 7, September 1, Programming Insider. September 11, Retrieved September 22, Retrieved September 24, Retrieved March 31, Built to Rule Star Wars Transformers.TV Schedule. Sign In. Transformers: Animated — Season: 1 2 3. S3, Ep1. Error: please try again. Sari Sumdac is coping with the newly discovered fact that she's a robot.

The Rebirth, Part 3

Meanwhile, the Autobots on Earth are trying to figure out a way to warn the Autobots on Cybertron about the spy working for Megatron. Later, Megatron and Starscream find Omega Supreme and set a devastating plan in motion. S3, Ep2.

the transformers season 4 episode 3

Things quickly descend from bad to worse for the Autobots when Detroit is menaced by new threats. Meanwhile, Ratchet remembers his first encounter with Omega Supreme and grows frustrated with his uselessness to the Autobots, all while Megatron and the Decepticons enact their plans.

S3, Ep3. The Autobots are given a triple blow when one of their own is critically damaged, another is overloading destructively and the third has become an assault weapon for Megatron. S3, Ep4. Bulkhead must face off against the Constructicons and their new leader, Dirt Boss, when they decide to hold the city's oil supply hostage.

Episode List

Meanwhile, the other Autobots manage to capture Lugnut, but find hauling him away a more difficult task. S3, Ep5. Unaware that he is being followed by the Elite Guard, Wasp heads to Earth to take his revenge on Bumblebee. S3, Ep6. Prowl discovers Sentinel Prime is using his old rival, the Decepticon hunter Lockdown, to capture Decepticon fugitives.

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Email address.Previous Episode. With Arcee, Daniel and the Plasma Energy Chamber key, Galvatron embarks on a new plan for great power — threatening to destroy Earth and possibly Cybertron.

Every available Autobot and ally will be needed for the coming fight, but they may be overmatched this time. The real answer lies on Nebulos, where Spike and Cerebros find a Hive city.

the transformers season 4 episode 3

Said city may provide the most powerful weapon of all. Who was the Episode MVP?

the transformers season 4 episode 3

Episode Discussion. Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions. Watch Full Episodes: Transformers. See All Videos. Season 4 Episodes See All. Contributors Become a contributor. Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams. Cast Watch. Black Lightning. The Four: Battle for Stardom. Important: You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload.

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Remember: Abuse of the TV. Choose background:. All Rights Reserved.This is a list containing the episodes of The Transformersan animated television series depicting a war among the Autobots and Decepticons who could transform into vehicles, other objects and animals. Written and recorded in America, the series was animated in Japan and later South Korea. The entire series was based upon the line of transforming toys originally created by Japanese toy manufacturer Takarawhich were developed into the Transformers line by American company Hasbro.

In the United States, the show aired a total of 98 episodes between and The episodes are ordered chronologically by broadcast date. Order is the correct chronological story order for the episodes of this season, which aired out of order.

Sparkplug gets left behind when all of the Autobots believe they have a major Decepticon problem at Maharaja. In truth, the Decepticons put one over on them to leave their base vulnerable and kidnap Sparkplug. Arkeville enslaves Sparkplug for Megatron with a hypno-chip as a test of the device. It works and more humans will soon follow. Megatron has a dangerous new scheme in the works, and it includes a new space bridge. As for Sparkplug, it is decided that he can better serve Megatron when among the Autobots, ultimately making them vulnerable to a new attack.

Gears is in one very foul mood, so nothing is really new there. However, the Decepticons suddenly strike and get the drop on him. The thing is, all they want from him is his personality cartridge. Now, Gears has one heck of a sunny disposition no matter who he is around.

Meanwhile, the Decepticons have the final component for the space needle. If they aren't stopped, the sun itself will be destroyed. With the help of the wealthy Shawn Berger, Megatron turns the public against the Autobots.

But Spike discovers the tape as a Decepticon trick. But before the boy can reveal the truth, the Autobots are found guilty and banished from Earth. Megatron reprograms Teletran One, sending the Autobots on a one way journey into the sun.

The discovery of a mysterious time transporter sends Spike and the Transformers to medieval times, where Starscream plots to take over the home of a knight named Sir Aethling the Red. With the help of their new friends in the past, Spike and the Autobots defeat the Decepticons and take them back to their own time with them.

The Decepticons arrive on a planet called Titan, where Astrotrain tricks its natives into worshiping him and the other Decepticons as sky gods.

There, they must reveal the truth to the people of Titan about the Decepticons' deception. The Autobots are eager to put recent experiences behind them, but rest-and-relaxation isn't likely to happen. An alien trap leaves everyone but Smokescreen powerless, as well as the ship itself.

A little energon can fix this, but the only way to get some presents certain challenges. He is even forced to trust an alien that helped get him into this mess. Now, can Smokescreen master the art of gambling and win big? And can Dirge, Ramjet and Astrotrain be kept at bay throughout all of this? People are partying to music at a local dance club. They are really subtly being mind-controlled to obey Megatron's orders.

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