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So if you have unlocked a pet at level 16, and then kept on leveling up, you will probably be confused as to why the pet skills are still locked. We have explained everything that you need to know about the pets in our Ulala: Idle Adventure pets guidewhere we have covered everything from how you unlock one, to how you use it and how their stats affect your character.

Check that out because it will probably answer all of your questions regarding the pets. Basically in order to unlock the skills, you will need to reach Pet Research level 29, which is going to unlock the first active skill slot. Once that is done, you can equip one active pet skill. In order to unlock the skills, you will need to do some Pet Research. This will unlock the skills in a certain order, and if you are curious what Pet Research level you need, then let me list them all below:.

So in order to completely unlock all of the pet skill slots, you will need to upgrade Pet Research up to level Unlocking these will cost Rare Fossils, so if you want to quickly upgrade them, let me tell you how to obtain Rare Fossils!

There are a few ways to obtain Rare Fossils, so let me tell you about all of them in hope that you will unlock the pet skills faster! Fuse Normal Fossils to create 1 Rare Fossil. Sometimes these expeditions will reward you with Rare Fossils! The higher you will rank, the more Rare Fossils you will obtain! As far as I know, these would be all the ways that you can obtain Rare Fossils! If you know of some more, let me know down in the comments to add them to the list!

There are two types of pet skills: active and passive pet skills. I will list below all of them so that you will know which ones do what, and hope that it will help you pick the best ones. Needs Fragments. Needs 50 Fragments. Needs 20 Fragments. Needs 10 Fragments. It would be resisted if change target. Needs 70 Fragments.Druid is one of the healer classes in Ulala: Idle Adventure. We have already covered the Shaman class in our previous post, you can check the Shaman skill manual here.

Ulala Druid Build: Skills, Team Formation

In this post, you will get to know about the Druid class — her skills, her strength, weakness, role in the team, etc. But she is not good at dealing damage like DPS units and soaking damage like Tank class units. And, to progress in the adventure mode or defeat the bosses, you should pick the right type of team which can cover your weakness. As a Healer, your weakness is low DPS and low survivability. So we would recommend you to join a team of players who are playing as: —. An ideal team set up would be — 2 DPS classes differentand 1 Tank.

These are the three recommended classes for the Healer team-up. Also, keep in mind; check their level, gear level, pets, etc. And, the tank class character will soak the damage for all the rest of the allies; 2 DPS, 1 Healer. So this would be all in this team formation part.

Druid is a great healer class in Ulala: Idle Adventure. Healers assist the allies in the team by restoring their health. So if you are playing as a druid, we recommend allocating the attribute points on the build scores that improve your healing power.

Share your Ulala Druid build in comments below. Also, see — all classes build info. Make sure to build the best set — based on the skill combination details are below. The amount of healing depends on the skill level. If you want to increase it, you will need to upgrade this skill. Another similar type of skill of Druid — using it, Druid heals the most injured teammate. Reach Sabada Rainforest region while playing as Druid class to unlock this skill.

Druid throws two seeds which heal the allies with the lowest HP. This skill heals as well as protect the teammate. Teammate affected by this skill gets a shield — prevents the debuffs for a few seconds.

The tree ward skill does the same thing — but if the Druid is in Lilly form using the Lilly Transform skillyou get an additional buff — casts an extra shield. So better use both the skills not one. This one acts similar to the Seed of Replenishment skill. But the effect is different. Druid throws three seeds on random enemies and inflicts attack damage. If the target gets down, the seeds will heal the ally with the lowest HP. Reach Chiwawa Gorge region while playing as Druid class to unlock this skill.

Heal 2 most injured teammates. Reach Bata Desert region while playing as Druid class to unlock this skill. Druid sings the song of protection and heals the allies with the lowest HP. Skill Combo — The seed of life skill heals all the allies AoE healing and gift the seed of life. And, Force of Bud heals all the allies and gift seed of life — if the teammates already own seed of life, healing increases.In this post, we will get to know about the Shaman Class.

Our reason behind picking the Shaman Class in Ulala was pretty straightforward — to experience her awesome healing skills, performance, and skill set. If you want to know how she performs in the battle — her skills info, type, role, etc.

Shaman is one of the healer classes in Ulala: Idle Adventure. Being a healer, you would be supporting the allies by healing them. And, to improve the healing strength, we recommend allocating the energy points on the best build score so that you can heal more and your team can get the most support. Share your Ulala Shaman build recommendation in the comments below. Share your opinions on the best skills in the comments below. Rain Dance is the first skill of Shaman. Using this skill, Shaman heals the teammate who is low on HP.

Ulala Hunter Build: Skills, Team Formation

Unlock Condition — Primitive Plain. Riptide is another healing skill — using it, Shaman heals the teammates with lowest HP — over 5 seconds. Unlock Condition — Sabada Rainforest. Shaman summons a spring totem to heal 2 teammates with the lowest HP. This one is different from the skills listed above. Using this skill, Shaman shields the teammates — preventing them from any debuff for a few seconds, Also, heals them. With this skill, Shaman deals the damage to the enemies as well as heals the teammate with the lowest HP.

Although, the Healing amount would not be that great — but you can inflict some decent damage. A balanced skill. Unlock Condition — Chiwawa Gorge.

If you pair this skill with Ancestral Protection skill, you will get one extra benefit. Shaman heals herself and the teammate with the lowest HP using this skill. Although the healing from this skill is not quite good — the teammate gets a small amount of HP.

With this skill, you heal the teammate with the lowest HP. Unlock Condition — Bata Desert. Unlock Condition — Bababo Coast. If you already have one ancestral mark obtained from Ancestral Giftyou will get extra benefit. AoE Healing — heal the party and obtain 1 Ancestral Park. Unlock Condition — Jujule Volcano. Using this skill, Shaman removes one debuff from all the party members and increase the HP recovery rate.

AoE Healing — Shama summons 1 recovery totem to heal all the party members. Unlock Condition — Sinbad Rainforest. This totem soaks the damage. It lasts long for a few seconds.


Using this skill, you can heal two allies with the lowest HP. Unlock Condition — Toto Plain. Protects the teammate who is low on HP. It can be triggered 15 times.Hunter is one of the most picked classes in Ulala: Idle Adventure game. He is known for her ranged DPS attacks that crush the foes in no time.

ulala skill

He is too good in inflicting the attack damage on the enemies, from a long-range. If you are going to pick this class, you should check his skill manual, team formation, and the main info. In this post, you will get to know about the Hunter class. If you want to activate the team halo effect, then you will need to add one more DPS class different than the Hunterone tank, and one healer.

So the team would be — two DPS, one healer, one tank. As a hunter, your role in the team would be dealing as much as damage you can: —. So you should join a team with at least one tank and one healer. We would recommend you to activate the team halo effect by joining the right type of team — to get these benefits: —.

By giving him more damage, you can raise his potential in combat. And, to do that, you must spend the energy points wisely on building the best attribute scores. Build INT score to increase the attack and hit rate attributes. Share your Hunter build recommendation in the comments below. The amount of damage can be increased by upgrading the skill.

DPS skill. Reach Sabada Rainforest region while playing as Hunter class to unlock this skill. Hunter unleashes multi-arrow shot — attacking 3 random foes. This skill does two effects — heal the Hunter increases survivability and inflict attack damage on the enemy units and command Hawks to aid.

Hunter summons Hawk — Sheen to increase critical rate.In this post, you will get to know about the assassin class. If you have just started playing the game and wondering what are assassin skills, his info; gears, role, etc. Best Class? The assassin might not be the best DPS class in the early game. Skill Build for Assassin — best skills for assassin — poison, cloak, slam, backstab. The first an assassin get in Ulala: Idle Adventure.

Using this skill, assassin attacks the enemy 3 times — and each hit deals massive damage to the enemy. By upgrading the skill, you can increase the damage. Normal quality skill — cast it to inflict ATK damage to the enemy. Unlocks in Sabada Rainforest. AoE Damage — Hurl throwing knives at 3 random enemies — dealing attack damage. The assassin takes cover as a bush to gain control immunity for a few seconds and increase damage mitigation and attack. This skill grants technique points to the assassin.

Also, inflicts damage on the enemy.

ulala skill

Unlocks in Chiwawa Gorge. Also, the phantom will launch a bonus attack for each technique point. AoE — Inflict attack damage on 3 random enemy units and gain combo. Inflict attack damage to the enemy and remove 1 buff. If the buff gets removed, damage will be increased. Unlocks in Bata Desert. AoE — Inflict massive attack damage on 3 enemy units.He is one of the tank classes in the game, which helps the other team members with awesome shield skills. As a tank unit, he fights from the front and his shield makes him invincible — resisting the enemy attacks.

If you are thinking to pick this class, you should check his skills first. As a warrior, you will not be able to deal that much damage, which is unleashed by the pure DPS classes. So it would be better to join a team with 2 DPS and 1 Healer.

ulala skill

Also, see — Ulala Classes Guide for rookies. Warrior is one of the tank classes in Ulala: Idle Adventure. He excels in soaking the damage from the enemies by dealing with them from the front. Go for pure tech to increase armor. Build stamina score to increase HP, Block, Evasion.

Share your Ulala Warrior build recommendation in the comments below. With this skill, the warrior gains a shield armor for a few seconds. This normal skill of the warrior does two things — inflict attack damage to the enemy ahead of you. And, grant a shield of armor for each target hit for 12 seconds. Reach Sabada Rainforest region while playing as a warrior to unlock this skill. This skill grants a thorn shield to the warrior — making his armor more strong.

When this shield breaks, warrior deals attack damage on the enemy unit in front of him. Another skill which grants a shield armor for a few seconds — during this period, converts first skill damage received into a shield for few seconds. This skill helps you to protect the allies.

When you unleash this skill, the warrior will taunt all the allies to attack him. Also, he gets a shield armor for a few seconds. Add this skill to your skill inventory if you want the taunt effect.

Reach the Chiwawa Gorge region while playing as a warrior to unlock this skill. This skill increases the block rate and armor stats of warrior. If you are going to use this skill, then make sure to use the protection stance skill too. Because you get an extra buff. By default, it grants a shield to the warrior — making his armor more strong. With protection stance effect, the shield effect gets increased. Reach the Chiwawa Gorgeregion while playing as a warrior to unlock this skill.

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